All information for 2018-19 Classes are being listed on the new website: https://hhhomeschoolcoop.weebly.com/

2018-2019 Classes will be available in later March/early April.

Registration will be available for non-members May 11. 

All classes are meant to supplement, support and encourage but not replace, what is being learned at home.

Our co-op will continue to provide supplemental academic opportunities for K-12 homeschoolers in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. We meet every Friday from 9am – 2:15pm.

We are a Christian organization open to any homeschooling family where the oldest child in the family is at least in Kindergarten, 5 years old and legally registered with the state of NC if applicable,  at the start of the co-op year. All preschool/nursery children must be free from separation anxiety and able to be left by parents (we cannot guarantee parents serving only in their children’s class).  Throughout the year HH functions as a support group, gives ministry opportunities, fellowship opportunities and offers three types of academic classes for local homeschool families.

1) Co-op Classes: These are classes that are taught by volunteers and/or parents that have the ability to teach on that topic. These classes will have a class fee associated with them that varies depending on the class activities.

2) Tuition-Based Classes: These are classes where a “tutor” who is educated and/or gifted in a particular area offers classes at HH. These classes have a fee associated with them which is paid directly to the instructor. (Co-op registration fee is required that is on top of the co-op registration fee. Tuition-based Classes are listed in red on HH material. A participation grade will be issued IF ALL FEES AND TUITION ARE PAID IN FULL at the end of the year. Students will not be allowed to register for the next school year if tuition or fees for the current school year are still outstanding.

3) Nursery/Preschool: These are only available for siblings of co-op members, teachers and volunteers.

Just a reminder, if you choose to homeschool your child you are still responsible for their schooling even when they are getting outside instruction.  We want to help you with your homeschool journey, not take it over,  so you need to be involved in the co-op.  Parent volunteers are required to serve during co-op classes. When parents serve it enables us to offer supplemental academic opportunities for free and/or for reasonable fees.

See our “Forms & Policies” page for calendar, classes, registration form and guidelines for participation.