We are currently gearing up for the 2014 – 2015 school year.  Some of the information on this site will be out-dated.  Thanks for your patience!

Our co-op will continue to provide supplemental academic opportunities for K-12 homeschoolers in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. We meet every Friday from 9am – 2:15pm.

Parents will be supported by occasional meetings addressing specific concerns of homeschooled high school students such as transcript preparation, dual enrollment, etc.  Our Yahoo Group will provide a forum for support, announcements and encouragement for parents.  Our Facebook group for students and parents provides another avenue for information sharing and support.

Parent volunteers are needed to serve as lead tutors, assistant tutors and substitute tutors.  This will enable us to offer supplemental academic opportunities for free and/or for reasonable fees.

We are a Christian organization open to any homeschooling family where the oldest child in the family is at least in Kindergarten, 5 years old and legally registered with the state of NC if applicable,  at the start of the co-op year. Throughout the year HH functions as a support group, gives ministry opportunities, fellowship opportunities and offers two types of academic classes for local homeschool families.  Just a reminder, if you choose to homeschool your child you are still responsible for their schooling even when they are getting outside instruction.  We want to help you with your homeschool journey, not take it over,  so you need to be involved in the co-op.