K-5th Grade

All information for 2018-19 Classes are being listed on the new website: https://hhhomeschoolcoop.weebly.com/

2018-2019 Classes will be available in later March/early April.

Registration will be available for non-members May 11. 


Elementary Class Schedule



First Period: Baby Einsteins/Playtime Basics/Reading Readiness

Second Period: Playtime

Grade K-1

First Period: Phonics/Creative writing

Second Period: Earth Science (Fall semester) / Organized Sports Play (Spring semester)

Grade 2-4

First Period: Apologia Flying Creatures

Second Period: Creative Comprehension (Fall semester) / Social Studies (Spring)


Grade 5-7

Apologia Chemistry/Physics (5th-7th grade)

Story of the World Volume 2 (5th-7th grade)

Classes may be added, deleted or changed to a different time period based upon registration and availability of teachers. Some classes have minimum and maximum student requirements. An adult MUST be present and volunteer at co-op on Fridays if participating in HH weather taking tuition or co-op classes.